Indoor air qualityThe outdoor air here in Vancouver is quite humid year-round, and that can bring trouble. If your home or business doesn’t have a dehumidifier to manage the humidity in your air during the summer, and a humidifier to add some back when your heat is running in winter, it’s time to talk.

    Properly controlled humidity is important for your health, comfort, even your home’s day-to-day energy usage. Another essential component of comfort in your home is air balancing, which ensures that your HVAC system evenly distributes comfortable air throughout each room. With consistent, humidity-managed air at the temperature you desire, you’ll enjoy yourself more at home year-round.

    Whole-House Dehumidifier Benefits

    With outdoor air that ranges up to 80 percent, a dehumidifier can make a big difference in your Vancouver home. Health and HVAC experts recommend 30-50 percent humidity indoors for optimum comfort and health, enough to provide moisture for your skin but avoid the growth of mold and mildew. It’s true that running the air conditioner removes some moisture from the air, but it varies with how much you cool your home. A dehumidifier installed by Western Pacific Heating, Cooling & Airflow, controlled by a smart thermostat, keeps your humidity consistent instead of just lowering it a variable amount. You’ll notice that you’re more comfortable when you come home to a home with the right temperature and humidity. When you’re more comfortable, you won’t need to put as much energy towards running your HVAC system in search of feeling good.

    Benefits of a whole-house dehumidifier include:
    • Healthier air as mold and mildew growth is limited
    • Greater comfort as skin feels cooler
    • Less need to lower the temperature for comfort
    • Energy savings and lower utility bills
    • Less damage from mold and mildew growth in cool areas

    Humidifier Air Enhancement

    A humidifier for your Vancouver home helps keep your indoor air comfortable in winter, when the heat is running and having an impact on the relative humidity that affects the way you feel. With a bit more moisture in the air, you can actually run the heat less and still feel good. You’ll enjoy just the right amount of moisture on your skin, and items in your home that respond to dryness will appreciate it too. Wooden and paper items won’t get excessively dry and possibly damaged. You’ll feel better because your nose, lips, and other sensitive areas aren’t being dried up. Comfort, health improvement, and energy savings add up to a strong argument for a whole-house humidifier as well.

    A humidifier serving your whole home can add:
    • Moisture to balance increased heat
    • Managed humidity using a smart thermostat
    • Reduced allergies and irritation from dry air
    • A healthier environment for people, pets, and plants
    • More comfortable skin during midwinter
    • Less cracking and warping of wood

    Evenly Distributed Comfort with Air Balancing

    When you’re walking around your home and notice that some areas feel warmer, cooler, or more or less humid, you’re experiencing airflow issues. Your heating and AC may be working fine, but the air is not coming out of the vents and traveling across rooms to provide thorough coverage. Causes can include air handling and ductwork pressure issues, or a simple air filter clog. Duct damage, damper malfunctions, and other mechanical issues can be responsible as well. Our Western Pacific Heating, Cooling & Airflow air balancing experts can take measurements of airflow, note vent obstructions and other factors, and make adjustments. The result is a more consistent comfort experience in your home, simply by making sure the airflow is consistent from your HVAC system.

    At Western Pacific Heating, Cooling & Airflow, we can provide air balancing, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and other products and services to keep you comfortable and save on energy in Vancouver! Call our air quality experts today.

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