By Trevor Wallace

Why You Need AC Maintenance

1. Prevents Unwanted AC Repairs

Air conditioner maintenance can end up saving you money on repair and electricity costs very easily. Many repairs are much easier to fix if discovered early, and you can save up to $50 per month on energy costs with a clean and well-maintained air conditioning unit.

Many customers find that they typically break even on getting annual maintenance done on their air conditioners and heat pumps, they also end up with less downtime and much fewer headaches with having well-running equipment. Annual air conditioner or heat pump maintenance can be compared to an oil change in your car, the longer you wait, the more damage you end up causing in the long run.

2. Good for Preventative Maintenance

A simple annual air conditioner maintenance visit can save you money on potential extensive air conditioner repairs. Many smaller problems that go untouched can turn into much larger problems in the future if they don’t become fixed as soon as possible.

Even minor problems such as small refrigerant leaks can end up costing a customer over $600 to fix the leak and refill the unit with refrigerant. Due to the weather differences in Vancouver, many customers don’t know they have a leak until they turn on their air conditioner after sitting idle for 8-9 months – by then it’s too late!

3. Electricity Savings

Air conditioner maintenance can also save you an extensive amount of money on your monthly hydro bills due to the lower power consumption used by AC units when their condensing units and indoor air filters are both cleaned and well-maintained. A clean condenser and clean
air filter can save some customers of ours up to $50 per month in hydro costs compared to a unit that hasn’t been cleaned in years!

Your AC unit will also thank you for blowing colder air due to the increased efficiency of having a clean system. On commercial units, AC maintenance is imperative due to the sheer size and power needed to run them. An inefficient commercial air conditioner can cost an extra $500 per month in electricity costs if the unit hasn’t been properly maintained.

As the saying goes, “It’s expensive to be cheap!”

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