6 Unit Townhome

South Vancouver

After successfully installing a state-of-the-art fresh air HRV system for a new six-unit build by Nofziger Construction, they approached us with a new challenge: Could we implement a heat pump system despite the building's limited electrical capacity? This sparked our journey into innovative climate control solutions.

“Working with Western Pacific has been an asset. They are top notch collaborators who achieve great results.”

-Dylan Nofziger Owner Nofziger Construction Inc.

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Christy Cove Project

Howe Sound, BC

Sure Span Construction unveiled a design that left us spellbound — a home that masterfully captured the sweeping Ocean views of the Howe Sound. This groundbreaking open concept boldly championed the beauty of panoramic sightlines.

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Whistler Project

Whistler, BC

Blue Line Contracting presented us with a jaw-dropping, wildly imaginative home design that breathtakingly showcased the vistas of the Whistler Lakes and Mountains. This avant-garde open concept was a daring celebration of unobstructed views.

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North Vancouver Full Scale Renovation

North Vancouver

During a major renovation, a client, referred by their plumbing company, sought our expertise for replacing and old gas furnace and replacing it with a heat pump system in their project. This request, arriving at an advanced stage of the renovation, presented a unique challenge due to the typically extensive planning required for such installations. Our task was to seamlessly integrate this technology into the existing renovation plan, despite the late timing of the request.

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