Get a Clean BC Heat Pump Rebate On Your Next HVAC Install or Service

    Residential Clean BC Heat Pump Rebates in B.C.

    Whether you get service on your equipment or a new install – you’re most likely eligible for a Government Rebate for your home or business.

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    Residential Government Rebates

    When it comes to choosing the right HVAC equipment upgrades for your home, you want to ensure you make the right investment with the best payoff long term! Our team can help you and your family decide which equipment would be best suited for your needs!

    Why Upgrade To A Heat Pump?

    • Heat pumps provide much more comfortable and efficient heating.
    • Heat pumps provide air conditioning
    • Heat pumps do not use any gas
    • Heat pumps work great even in really cold weather

    When upgrading from a gas furnace to a heat pump you generally qualify for:

    • $6,000 from Clean BC (Provincial Government & Fortis BC)
    • $5,000 from the Canada Greener Homes Grant (Federal Government)
    • $6,000 City of Vancouver Municipal top up grant (Municipal Government)
    • $2,000 for most municipalities outside of Vancouver (Municipal Government)
    • If your home is in Vancouver you will likely qualify for $17,000 in grants.
    • If your home is outside of Vancouver you will likely qualify for $13,000 in grants.

    Bottom Line

    Replace your Gas Furnace with a Heat pump and receive between $13,000 – $17,000 in government grants.

    This usually pays for the entire upgrade!

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    Commercial Fortis Rebates

    Whether you’re planning an HVAC upgrade to replace older and inefficient equipment, or you’re looking to install new equipment to replace a broken system, you most likely qualify for a Fortis Business Rebate.
    Our team knows which pieces of equipment qualify and will help your business with the Fortis Business Rebate application to ensure you get the most out of your install!

    Some of the types of HVAC equipment that qualify for the Commercial Fortis Rebates are below:

    • HVAC Control Upgrades – up to $1,500
    • Natural Gas Boilers – up to $60,000
    • Condensing Units, Make-Up Air Units, Air Handlers & Rooftop Unit Upgrades – up to $9,000 per unit
    • Various Types of Kitchen Equipment – up to $4,500 per piece of equipment
    • Natural Gas Water Heaters – up to $3,000 per unit
    • Natural Gas Furnaces – up to $2,300
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