Furnace Maintenance Services - Western Pacific HVACAt Western Pacific Heating, Cooling & Airflow, we offer the top heater tune-ups in Vancouver, BC. With the right heater maintenance routine, your furnace may keep running well past its typical useful life. Our furnace technicians are licensed professionals who receive continuous on-the-job training to keep up with the latest make some models. This allows us to adapt our procedures as new components come on the marketplace.

    While performing a heating tune-up at your home, our pros will keep a close eye on any parts that aren’t working properly. You always receive a precise estimate on which you can base your budget. We know that it’s no fun to get a bill with unexplained add-ons. If you like great customer service and affordable heating maintenance, our pros are a great match for your expectations!

    Vancouver’s Leading Furnace Tune-ups

    You need full-service heater tune-ups in the off-season to make sure that your heating system is ready to perform when temperatures plummet. Western Pacific Heating, Cooling & Airflow has maintenance packages that include lubricating all moving parts of your indoor and outdoor unit. Our technicians also clean any visibly dirty components, including the coils. From tightening fan belts to inspecting electrical connections, we’ll do whatever we can to keep your furnace in good condition until it’s time for the next checkup.

    We know it’s hard to find HVAC companies that also handle gas furnaces. During heating maintenance on your gas-powered system, we’ll test the ignition system and make sure that the gas lines are tightly connected and free of leaks. If you want a team that doesn’t cut corners and put your family safety first, contact us first for heating tune-ups. Our maintenance plans include thermostat calibration to ensure that your system is in sync and provides even heating throughout your home.

    No furnace maintenance routine is complete without checking carbon monoxide levels. This odorless gas can build up in your home without your knowledge. If anyone in your family starts to have headaches or nausea, this could indicate the early warning signs of carbon monoxide poisoning. Installing a carbon monoxide detector and maintaining your furnace will help keep your family safe and healthy.

    What are the benefits of keeping up with furnace tune-ups in Vancouver? Here are some of the reasons we suggest annual furnace maintenance:
    • Longer lifespan
    • Peace of mind
    • Prevent large repair bills
    • Less risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

    Your Heating Maintenance Team Near You

    At Western Pacific Heating, Cooling & Airflow, we have a culture of continuous improvement. That makes us one of the best furnace maintenance teams in Vancouver. When you perform regular heater maintenance, you help improve the performance of your system during the long cold winters experienced in the Pacific Northwest. Our certified technicians are held accountable to the highest standards of customer service. So, we are the industry leader for furnace tune-ups and heating system repairs in Vancouver BC and the surrounding areas. Reach out to our HVAC company today to find out how we can better meet your needs.

    Contact our office today to schedule a heating tune-up in Vancouver or find out more about our services including furnace installation and AC maintenance. Call today!

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