The furnace in your house is essential to maintain indoor air quality and develop a comfortable environment for living inside the house in extreme weather (something we need to live in Canadian winters!).

    furnace tune upA furnace is an important part of your HVAC system that keeps your house warm in the winter and when it breaks down you want an HVAC contractor that is an expert in heating repairs! An efficient furnace is important for the colder seasons, as nobody likes to suffer from the cold. If you want your furnace to work adequately, you must hire a professional for its maintenance and inspection to improve its efficiency.

    It’s recommended to have your furnace maintained and inspected once a year by professionals to prepare it for the winter season. If you neglect to schedule your furnace’s maintenance and inspection, it will lead to a possible furnace malfunction, which will cause you to need a heater repair service call or even to replace the heating system altogether.

    Most furnaces that aren’t maintained periodically need to be repaired more often, and their lifespan also reduces. Western Pacific Heating, Cooling & Airflow provides furnace repair and AC repair services in Vancouver that can be beneficial for you as we have professionally trained experts who value our customers and provide our services efficiently.

    Common Vancouver Furnace Problems

    When the winter weather starts rolling in, many people seek professional help to repair their furnaces without knowing the actual problem. The following are some common problems that might be a reason for your furnace deficiencies.

    1. Lack of Maintenance

      The furnace requires annual maintenance and inspection so that it can work efficiently. If proper maintenance is not given, it will break down unexpectedly and might cost a lot more to repair.

    2. Dirty Filters

      If the furnace is not heating enough, check and replace the air filters, as the clogging in the air filter reduces the airflow and makes it difficult for the furnace to heat up efficiently.

    3. Burner Flames

      Ensure that your burners are free from debris as their failure is associated with contamination. You can clean them using vacuum cleaners, just make sure that the gas and power are off.

    4. Thermostat

      Before making a service call, make sure that your thermostat is set on “heat” and its level is at least five degrees above the room temperature.

    5. Not Providing Heat at All

      If the furnace is not heating, it might have a problem with the power, gas, or pilot light. Another reason can be the thermostat setting.

    6. Not Enough Heating

      Other than the dirty filters, another reason for not receiving enough heat from the furnace can be its wrong size for your house space.

    7. Home Circuit Breakers

      There might be a chance that the fuse or circuit breaker was tripped. You can reset the breaker and make sure it’s on to see if the problem has been solved.

    8. Contact Us

      If you see the following problems in your furnace, you should call Western Pacific Heating, Cooling & Airflow for emergency furnace repair services.

      • The furnace is not turning on
      • The pilot light is out
      • The strange noise is coming from the furnace
      • The burner is not lighting up
      • After the burners are lit, the blower is not turning
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