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    AC Installation in Vancouver, BC

    When it comes to choosing the right HVAC company for your next AC replacement, consider the following.

    Sometimes the damage is so bad that it makes more sense to replace the entire air conditioning system overall.

    If you’re having current troubles with your air conditioner, check out the signs below to see if you need a new equipment installation!
    • If the coils and blower motor on your system is fine, but your AC equipment keeps taking longer and longer to cool down your home or business
    • Your current air conditioner needs too many parts repaired or replaced and it might be cheaper to just get a whole new system installed instead
    • Your current hydro bills are noticeably higher than in the past or compared to your friends or neighbors (newer HVAC equipment has better energy-saving technology)

    Getting a new system installed may seem daunting. Most homeowners put off installations because they feel they can tolerate their current air conditioner and save money. Realistically, this only pushes off the inevitable. Your air conditioner will eventually be on its last legs and not worth keeping around. Consistent back to back repairs are just added costs. In the long run, getting your system replaced can save money.

    Newer air conditioner systems operate more efficiently and use less power to run. The less energy needed to function means a lower energy bill! Older systems that are in their golden years use up more energy than when it was new. So it stands to reason that a replacement might be the solution!

    Reliable AC Replacements in Vancouver

    When it comes to choosing AC installation services, you want the most professional and honest company to ensure your home or office is always cooled properly and efficiently.

    That’s why it’s important to ask yourself the following questions about an HVAC company before settling on any of their services.
    • How much HVAC experience does this company have?
    • Does this HVAC company offer emergency repairs and installations?
    • Is this HVAC company licensed and insured for residential and commercial AC work?
    • Does this company have good reviews?

    So call Western Pacific HVAC today for reliable and trustworthy AC installation, AC repair & AC maintenance. We also offer heat pump and furnace installation for the colder months.

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