heating installationDo you need reliable furnace installation in Burnaby, BC? Western Pacific Heating, Cooling & Airflow is a Clean BC Registered Contractor with the years of experience you need for all your furnace replacement, repairs, and maintenance needs. Our installers are factory-trained on all major commercial and residential brands of furnaces and heating units.

    Whether you have a larger commercial building with multiple heaters that all need to work in sync, or you need your Burnaby home to stay warm all winter long, we’re the Burnaby HVAC technicians to call. We offer fast service and flexible scheduling, even emergency services, and competitive pricing to work with your budget. Call today to learn more about your options for a new heating installation!

    Burnaby Furnace Installation Company

    Trust our sales team to help you learn more about your choices for a new furnace installation. We explore different brands and models for you, taking into account the number of BTUs you need for your building and the SEER rating of different units. We offer flexible financing for qualified customers and even consider the size of the space you’re putting the new furnace. Or, if you’re looking for an Energy Star model to reduce monthly utility costs or a Smart Home furnace to link into your Smart Home system, we’ll help you find that, too!

    There are a lot of beneficial reasons to have a new furnace replacement, such as:
    • Lower energy bills from a more efficient unit
    • Much less need for repairs
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • More consistent heat throughout your home
    • Some furnaces may qualify for an Energy Star tax deduction

    New HVAC technology has improved a lot over the last decade, and furnaces now have remote technology capable of being integrated into Smart Home systems for heating “zones” in your home or commercial building. Or, opt for an energy-efficient model to reduce your carbon footprint.

    Do You Need a Furnace Replacement Burnaby Professional?

    Our Western Pacific Heating, Cooling & Airflow team is committed to ensuring that you, our customers, are energized and comfortable all day, every day! Rigorous training ensures that each job is completed correctly the first time, and the best parts and tools mean that all your furnace installation or HVAC other services will last a long time. Our motto, “Your Comfort Status, Refreshed,” reflects our commitment to our core customer-centered values of communication, humility, integrity, and honesty. We know that when you’re having furnace problems, it’s stressful, especially in an emergency. That’s why we respect your time and are punctual and ready to work.

    Remarkable customer service and competitive prices are what our customers have come to expect. Call Western Pacific Heating, Cooling & Airflow for a new heating installation in Burnaby today! We also offer top-notch AC installation during the summer months. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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