How to Pick a Good HVAC Contractor in Vancouver

Vancouver has numerous HVAC contractors. You see at least a couple of trucks belonging to those contractors every day. However, an unlimited choice also breeds confusion. It can be overwhelming to choose the right HVAC contractor for your home. Let’s check out how to pick a good HVAC contractor in Vancouver:

1. Ensure They’re Licensed

While there are numerous HVAC contractors in Vancouver, not all of them are made equal. Some technicians just have the hardware and equipment at the back of the truck and don’t license their work or their company. Since they aren’t licensed, they may be the cheapest option on the block.

However, lower prices always come at a cost. They may not have the necessary permits for the job and since they aren’t licensed and don’t have to stick to regulations, they may get away by using lower-quality tools and equipment. That’s why when you’re looking to hire an HVAC contractor, you should always check for their license number.

2. Check Their HVAC Specialty

While it may not look like it, even HVAC contractors have specializations. Some companies may specialize in residential cooling and heating solutions, while some may have expertise in commercial refrigeration or commercial HVAC construction. If you want to get an HVAC system installed for your home you don’t want contractors who specialize in new construction or those who only work on commercial buildings.

Figure out what kind of HVAC system you need and choose accordingly. Companies that specialize in a certain area usually post that in their marketing material(s).

3. Check Their Google Reviews

Check out your area and ask your neighbors about the HVAC companies they’ve worked with. If your neighborhood has a favorite, you may have a choice right away. Otherwise, you get a list of companies to put on the shortlist.

The next step is to search for online reviews for those companies and other contractors you may have looked into. The online reviews would give you a fair idea about a contractor’s consistency, quality of service, and after-sales support. The perfect HVAC contractor doesn’t exist. However, some of the best ones always handle their negative reviews with care and professionalism. They work towards solving problems for their customers by reaching out to the dissatisfied bunch.

Check out our Google Reviews on our Google Page.

4. Compare Their Maintenance Plan Programs

All licensed HVAC contractors in Vancouver offer some kind of HVAC maintenance plan program. You need to evaluate the programs with a side-by-side comparison.

Good contractors usually provide straightforward service and simple annual maintenance plans to their customers. Apart from that, they may also provide discounts for emergency services and new equipment for their existing customers. If you have any doubt about the maintenance plan programs, call the HVAC company to figure out exactly what you get.

By now you know about all the factors that should help you filter out the shortlist of HVAC contractors in Vancouver. Compare them according to the above-mentioned criteria and choose one that’s the best for you. If you’re in need of a new HVAC company in the Greater Vancouver Area, give Western Pacific Heating, Cooling & Airflow a call today!

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