man repairing AC unit wearing blue shirt and a white hard hatAvoid major headaches in the future by making sure that you get air conditioner repair in North Vancouver, BC, when a problem first emerges. You might just have a small problem like a loose screw in the beginning; however, if you wait to call, you could end up with a damaged filter or motor if the screw came apart and run amok within the system. Our heating and cooling technicians will provide you with various air conditioning repair solutions to choose from and will help you figure out which one is best for your home.

    One of the reasons why you might need to call a professional is because AC systems are notoriously difficult to disassemble and diagnose without proper training and knowledge. Our HVAC company can perform all types of AC repair services within a timely manner and help you figure out whether you have a broken or malfunctioning thermostat, a broken fan belt, refrigerant leak or a crack in the system.

    Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair

    Before your AC breaks down completely, you’ll usually notice that something is amiss. It could be a performance issue or an efficiency one. Either way, it’s important to keep a close eye on your unit and to get it the care that it needs. The key to avoiding costly future issues is to catch the problems while they are still minor, which is why we also recommend getting your unit serviced once a year. We can often catch many problems during the initial inspection.

    Some signs that you need AC repair in North Vancouver include:
    • Difficulties turning the unit on or off
    • Outrageously high or rising energy bills
    • Water stains and leakages around unit
    • Odd sounds during operation
    • An increase of dust in the home

    Our team can quickly diagnose any AC problem in no time. Our team arrives ready to work and with various parts. If we can, we’ll fix the problem on our first visit.

    Exemplary AC Services in North Vancouver BC

    Founded in 2020, Western Pacific Heating, Cooling & Airflow offers exemplary HVAC services and workmanship. We bring a fresh perspective to each and every job and can offer you many different solutions to choose from. Our goal is to improve your overall comfort at home at an affordable price. In addition to offering specials and discounts year-round, we also provide upfront estimates and no surprises when you get the bill. Our HVAC team is focused on delivering honest advice and information and will help you make an informed decision.

    There’s no better company to call than Western Pacific Heating, Cooling & Airflow if you are looking for affordable, reliable AC repair, AC maintenance, and AC installation in North Vancouver. We also offer top-quality furnace repair as well!

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