The best way to get the most use out of your AC is to schedule regular AC maintenance in North Vancouver, BC. We generally recommend booking a tune-up at least once a year; however, older systems and units may require more air conditioner maintenance. The same can be said if you heavily rely on your AC system. The more that you rely on your AC to keep you cool during the summer, the more you should schedule regular AC tune-up. If you forget, your AC can become less efficient. In fact, an unserviced AC can lose as much as 5% efficiency in a single year. If you forget several years in a row, the drop in efficiency will be noticeable.

There isn’t a set time when you need to get your AC system serviced; however, we definitely recommend doing it before the hot weather arrives. This is usually mid-to-late spring. You want to have ample time to correct any issues that we spot during the air conditioner maintenance in North Vancouver.