Schedule routine furnace maintenance in North Vancouver, BC at least once a year to keep your system in tiptop shape. If you forget to service your furnace, it can drop 5% in efficiency every year. Although forgetting once or twice won’t lead to a noticeable difference, a failure to service the unit often will become quite problematic. Any time is a good time to schedule a furnace tune-up, but we highly recommend trying to book a time that falls within mid-to-late fall or early winter. If you wait until it snows, you’ll be without a furnace for at least a day.

The entire process doesn’t take long. Heating maintenance involves a thorough inspection of all components, a realignment of all shift components and parts and a thorough a cleaning. Unless there are any issues that need to be repaired immediately, we will be in and out of your home in no time. If we spot a problem, we’ll let you know, so you can deal with it while it’s still minor. This can prolong equipment life and prevent further damage.